Landmine planters promote awareness with UN support !

Landmine planters promote awareness with UN support !

By Ghalib Ahmed

Houthis are the only warring party in the Yemeni conflict that plant landmines.

With insufficient help from the United Nations, the government's army personnel (as well as civilians) often fall victims to these landmines and undertake discovering what they can discover and dismantle what they can dismantle.



But thousands of mines will remain a danger lying in wait for new victims; unsuspecting women and children.

Because the extremist group have planted way more beyond the army's capacity to discover and remove; least estimated as 250 thousand landmines by some NGOs and estimated as 500 thousand landmines by others.

So many soldiers and civilians continue to die every now and then in Yemen's east and west in cities and villages, plains and mountains, roads and inside houses. The group have planted landmines everywhere and in every disguised form. Imagine that they many times they booby trapped the dead bodies of their fighters or government soldiers with landmines.

 The group's Hezbollah-style mines that are disguised as rocks are the talk of the town these days.

On Thursday, the group marked the International Mine Awareness Day, 4 April in an event in the capital Sana'a which they control!

The UNDP's Director for Democratic governance and peacebuilding. Surayo Buzurukova attended the event!

Buzurukova's attendance and the confirmed UN support to the group's "demining" programs was a good material for satire on many Yemeni news websites.

Most of the headlines read: "Landmine planters promote mine awareness with UN Support."

Ironically the Houthi director of the so-called "Demining Center" in Sana'a, Ali Safrah, announced during the event that the group had been cooperating with the UNDP in demining issues since 2015! 

Everybody also remembers last year's $14 million United Nations grant to the violent theocratic group in the name of mine action funds!

Landmine planters promote awareness with UN support ! What a surprising United Nations.

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