HRITC: Houthis systematically practiced landmine planting

HRITC: Houthis systematically practiced landmine planting

The Human Rights Information and Training Center (HRITC), a Yemeni NGO, said that Houthis systematically practiced planting landmines in the country.

In a report it has issued on the occasion of the International Mine Awareness Day 4 April, the HRITC said the severest of the rebel militia's war crimes committed over the course of its three years long insurgency has been the "planting of landmines", which poses a danger to the entire population not only for the present time but also for the future.

It said that Yemen's central city of Taiz was at the forefront of the regions that suffered from mines. Over three years, the rebels have planted a fence of landmines around the city's the populated areas without even keeping  maps of where the landmines were laid."

It said that 700 civilians including 32 children and 14 women were killed and 1,100 others were injured by Houthi landmines in Taiz since the Shia Islamist rebels invaded the city in March 2015.

It said that the rebels destroyed dozens of houses through the practice of planting and detonating landmines in them.

The rebels planted landmines in all other parts of Yemen where they held a foot and usually planted the mines once they felt that can't hold on to the ground against the advancing army.

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