Yemen Press cutting:

Yemen Press cutting:

  1. The Deputy Director of the Media Department of the Islah Party Adnan al-Odeidni told Suhail TV that it is not possible to talk about a political solution as long as the Houthi rebels disappear the party's member Mohammed Qahtan.
  2. "Qahtan represents the political voice .... If the international community wants to restore the value of politics in Yemen, and revive political settlement or sponsor any negotiations, it has to look for Qahtan." Qahtan is a 60 year old political activist and prominent member of the Islah. The Shia Islamist rebels arrested him in 2015 and have since been keeping him with hundreds of oppositionists in forced disappearance. Some speculations say he has already been among the many activists tortured to death. 

  1. Addressing a U.N. conference of humanitarian donors for Yemen in Geneva on Tuesday Foreign Minister Abdul-Malik al-Mekhlafi said that no matter how much humanitarian aid is donated to Yemen, only the Houthi rebels' return to peace talks will resolve the Yemeni conflict.

"We have to know that this humanitarian crisis is not natural one. It is human-made and a direct result of the Houthis' military takeover."

He said that the humanitarian efforts faced several hindrances in the past years. For example in 2017, the rebel militia  confiscated 65 vessels and 580 trucks loaded with food aid, blew up four other aid trucks, and seized thousands of food aid packs and sold them in the black market, and set up ports inside cities to levy customs, thus sending the prices of staple commodities soaring." #Source: The state-run news agency "Saba."

  1. Al-Sahwa correspondent has reported that Houthis handed over the corpse of Ahmed Mohammed Allan, a primary school teacher, to his family after he died of brutal torture in the rebels' jail in Hajjah province north of Yemen on Tuesday. Allan had been in the rebel militia's jail for two months. Hundreds of activists and peaceful oppositionists undergo torture until death, incapacitation or madness in the rebels' notorious jails.

  3. The chairwoman of the Houthis' self-proclaimed National Authority for Combating Corruption appeared in a meeting with the Interior Minister Ahmed Al-Maysari in Aden on Wednesday, a sign that she has defected from the Iran-backed rebels and joined the government in Aden, Barakish news websites reported


Houthis release activist paralyzed of torture

Houthis have released a new activist from a prison in the capital Sana'a but already paralyzed of torture he had undergone.

Abdul-Aziz al-Hakami a young man who was arrested by Houthis in November 2016 has finally been released and has arrived in the government-held city of Marib, sources in his family who received him said. "We were shocked when we came to receive him and found him paralyzed on a wheelchair," said the source.

The Shia Islamist rebels have been detaining and torturing hundreds of peaceful oppositionists in their jails since they overthrew the government in September 2014.


Houthi sniper kills child in Taiz

A Houthi sniper shot dead a child in Taiz on Wednesday in the latest of a non-stopping series of child murders in the central Yemen city.

Local eyewitnesses said that Shia Islamist fighter Munassar Abdullah al-Daqoos shot dead 16-year-old Abdulllah Sultan al-Bokari near Salah Adeen School in Adhanabh village in Jabal Habashi district of Taiz.

The rebel militia have moved their sniper comrade from the outpost where he had been stationed to an unknown location  as a sort of protection for him, telling the killed child's relatives that the killing was by mistake.

Houthis invaded the city of Taiz in March 2015 and have since been surrounding it with snipers and hilltop military sites that tightly besiege the city and kill and injure civilians continuously, the forgotten aspect of Yemen coverage in the international media.

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