Houthi Mufti issues license to kill oppositionist demonstrators

Houthi Mufti issues license to kill oppositionist demonstrators

The Mufti (top jurist) of Houthis in the capital Sana'a has issued a ruling that regards all demonstrators against the Shia Islamist rebels as apostates from the religion "should be gotten rid of."

Shamsa al-Deen Sharaf al-Deem, a Houthi-appointed "Mufti of Yemen" said in a Facebook post  on Wednesday: "We are facing an aggression. Thank God we have a wise leader from a Hashemite dynasty that God and the people both loved. But there are people  who want to take out to the streets to disrupt our victories. I am saying that their demonstrations would be a defection from the Islamic religion. The ruling is that those who defect from the religion, the loyalists of Allah and the nation must be gotten rid of (physically elminated) for the public good."

Like the Islamic State and al-Qaeda, Houthis excommunicate the oppositionist masses (denote them as Kuffar "disbelievers") to sanction their killing. A fighter recruitment campaign the rebels have been carrying out in north Yemen for years goes under the title "Tough Against the Disbelievers", part of a Quranic verse they quote out of context to authorize their violence against the Yemeni majority who refuse their military takeover.



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