Yemeni political parties' joint statement concerning the rise of assassinations

Yemeni political parties' joint statement concerning the rise of assassinations

Yemen's political parties issued a statement on 2018-04-03 concerning the increasing incidents of assassinating clerics, political activists, security officers and leaders of the former popular resistance force that backed the government drive the Houthi rebels out of south Yemen in 2015.

Text of the statement:

"The political parties backing the Yemeni government is sorrowfully seeing a series of systematic assassinations of clerics and mosque preachers, political figures, security officers, resistance leaders, and dignitaries in Aden, Hadhramout and Taiz. The (crimes) have created an atmosphere of shock and sadness on the official and public level especially among the relatives of the victims, such a stark violation of the right to life which all legislations, the divine, man-made, local and international, all guarantee.

We extend our sincerest condolences to the victims' relatives and condemn in the strongest terms such major and dangerous crimes, and we war on their disastrous consequences, locally and regionally.

The political parties see such criminal acts as a systematic effort that aims to terrorize the Yemeni people and deflect the course of the battle from the restoration of the Yemeni state to other goals of unfavorable consequences. Such assassinations violate the national unanimity. They are taking place in coincidence with a campaign of night arrests, abductions, arbitrary detentions, enforced disappearances in secret jails and crackdowns on press freedoms and political activism, acts conducted without any legal restraint.   

It has become obvious that the red-handed criminals choose their victims particularly from among the country's best figures known for their moderation or struggle in support of Yemen's legitimate government. Which means that the goal of the acts is to weaken the government, erode its popular base and to undermine the state institutions. Unseen now are the disastrous consequences of such systematic elimination campaign on the political and civil life and on the margin of pluralism left in the country.  

The continuity of the assassination series threatens to slide Yemen into an all-out chaos that would make it impossible to save the country and make the sacrifices of the Yemeni people, government and Yemen's neighbors in the country go in vain. This makes it essential to handle the matter seriously, handle the legal and historical responsibility toward it, support the government, consolidate the state security and judicial institutions so that they can crack down on and seize the assailants, and to remove all the impediments in the road to restoring the Yemeni state.

When the Houthi rebel militia was driven out of the temporary capital Aden three years ago, Yemenis were filled with rejoice and hope that those moments were the first step in the mission to retake the rest of the Yemeni land while Aden would be the role model for the restoration of state and establishment of the rule of law. Just to fit with the sacrifices of the Yemenis and their brotherly neighbors. But the reality today is grim, especially as the ripple of assassinations have begun to extend to the cities of Taiz and Hadhramout.

Having said that, we call upon the government to expedite the radical reformation of the military and security institutions in light with nationalistic and professional principles; and to abolish  all the informal institutions and paramilitary formations by integrating them into the regular military institutions. We also call on the government and the command of the Arab Coalition to promptly and completely resolve all the major issues to save Yemen's unity and territorial integrity and to dismantle all the obstacles and set up all the settings to make Aden a real temporary capital for Yemen and a safe place for the government to administer the liberated provinces in a proper way. So that Aden can be a starting point for liberating the rest of the Yemeni territories. We also call for enabling the government security apparatus to assume its role in maintaining security, protecting the people, all of them, and investigate into the assassination and violence crimes. (We also call for) allowing the judicial authority to take charge of resolving the issues and setting up the rule of law and protect rights and freedoms.

May the martyrs' souls rest in peace, the wounded recover, and Yemen victor.


The General People's Congress (GPC)

The Yemeni Congregation for Reform (Islah)

Yemen Socialist Party

Popular Nasserite Party

The Participating Southern Movement

The Peaceful Southern Movement

Renaissance Movement for Peaceful Change

Justice and Construction Party

The Solidarity Party

Al- Rashad party

Peace and Development Party

The Union of Popular Forces

Issued in 2018-04-03"



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