Islah won't be discouraged by Dowkam's assassination

Islah won't be discouraged by Dowkam's assassination

The Yemen Congregation for Reform Party (Islah) has said it won't be discouraged from pursuing its nationalist role by the assassination of its member Omar Dowkam in Taiz.


Dowkam, a mosque preacher and  a member of the Islah in the  war-torn city, died on Monday, because of wounds he had sustained two days before when a masked man shot fire at him.


 The local office of the Islah issued a statement to mourned Dowkam "who was attacked by the hands of hatred, treachery and criminality after Friday prayers in an assassination attempt on him and his colleague teacher Rafiq Al-Akhali."

"These acts of terrorism and systematic assassinations aimed at the intellectual and missionary figures[ …] will not discourage the party from pursuing its nationalist role," read the statement.

Unknown gunmen have assassinated scores of clerics, some of them from the Islah party in the government-held provinces especially in southern Yemen. The wave of assassinations is also targeting government soldiers and political activists.

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