Yemen Press Cutting

Yemen Press Cutting

A three year old child has been killed in Yemen's central Taiz when Houthi rebels shelled Mate'a village in al-Dhabab outskirt to the west of city. The Human Rights Information and Training Center, a local NGO, unveiled this week that Houthis killed 37 civilians including eight women and six children in the city. The Houthis invaded Taiz in March 2015 and have since been besieging the city with snipers and killing the civilians by sniping, heavy bombardments and landmines.

- Unknown gunmen have severely injured Khaled al-Ezzi a mosque preacher in Aden on Wednesday by shooting fire on his face. He has been hospitalized and his life is threatened according to doctors. Masked gunmen also abducted Nidhal Ba-Howerith a preacher of another mosque in the city and a member of the Yemen Reform Party "Islah."

Masked assailants have over the past several months been hunting moderate clerics in south Yemen, usually killing them, by shoot and run attacks. #Source: Several media

  1. Houthi rebels are intermittently shelling the neighborhoods in downtown Taiz from their vantage point of Softel, a hilltop hotel and large surrounding yard that Houthis occupy in the eastern side of the central Yemen city. There are reports of casualties but it is not yet known how many or other details about them. #Source: Local social network activists and news websites.

  2. A US drone struck a car killing two people and critically injuring three others riding the car in Al-Sowmaa district in al-Beidha province in central Yemen. News websites reported that al-Qaeda suspects were targeted. Yemen Alghad news website said the persons are civilians.

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