Wide support for Saudi Arabia after Houthi attacks

Wide support for Saudi Arabia after Houthi attacks


Houthis' launch of ballistic missiles toward Saudi Arabia on Sunday drew wide condemnation of the rebel militia and as well sympathy and support for Saudi Arabia's right to self-defense against the Iran-backed militia's aggression.

The US State Department said: "We support our Saudi partners in defending their borders."

The United Kingdom of Britain called on Iran to stop sending arms to the rebels and instead use its influence to end the conflict.

In a joint statement, Britain's Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson and International Development Secretary Penny Mordaunt issued a statement saying: "If Iran is genuinely committed to supporting a political solution in Yemen - as it has publicly stated - then it should stop sending in weapons which prolong the conflict, fuel regional tensions, and pose threats to international peace and security."

The Pakistani Foreign Ministry said that Pakistan "strongly condemns these attacks and affirms that the government and people of Pakistan stand with Saudi Arabia."

The Egyptian government said it stands "with the government and people of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in the face of such brutal attacks."

The Saudi forces announced to have intercepted seven ballistic missiles on Sunday in the airspace of the kingdom. All of the missiles were successfully neutralized. Only one Egyptian national was killed in the attack but damages were incurred on civilian properties.


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