Wide condemnation for storming of press institution in Aden

Wide condemnation for storming of press institution in Aden

The increasing attacks on press reporters and premises in the temporary capital Aden has drew wide condemnation inside the country. The Human Rights Ministry has denounced the storming of al-Shomooa Press Corporation in Aden and the arrest of its employees on Friday less than a month after storming the premises and setting the printing press on fire in an arson attack that cost Al-Shomooa millions of Riyals.

The Human Rights Ministry called that a violation of freedom of expression and a violation of the international laws.

The Yemen Congregation for Reform Party (Islah) has also condemned the incident and Saturday's brief arrest of local TV journalists who came to report the inauguration of a new local airlines in Aden's main airport.

The source called on the government, the journalists union, political forces, civil society organizations and public to work together to stop such arbitrary practices that suppress press freedom and undermine the values of values of liberties.

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