Arrestees' body swap, evokes memory of a unique Houthi crime

Arrestees' body swap, evokes memory of a unique Houthi crime

The exchange of bodies of arrestees between the armed forces in Taiz and Houthi rebels evoked memories of a unique crime that the Shia Islamist rebels have committed over the past three years and a half.  

In their keenness to ensure that captives get killed by the Arab Coalition, the rebels many times detained these captives in military sites that they expect to be targeted by Coalition's warplanes.    

In a swap with the Taiz armed forces on Saturday, the rebels received the bodies of 25 of their fighters, in return for the bodies of 16 army soldiers they had imprisoned in the Military Police headquarters, a military target, in Sana'a that was struck last December.

In that airstrike forty military and civilian personnel were killed and the Houthis then invested the incident to their advantage.

In May 2015, the rebels detained Abdullah Qabel and Yusuf Al-Ayzari two journalists in a military outpost in Dhamar where, as pre-intended, the pair were killed by an airstrike.

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