Houthis kills Taiz child in new sniper shooting

Houthis kills Taiz child in new sniper shooting صورة إرشيفية

A Houthi sniper has killed a child in Taiz, in the latest incident of deliberate killings of civilians and children in the besieged city.

 A rebel fighter shot dead Mohammed Hassan Mohammed a 15 year old as he was coming from the market back home in Adhabab west of the city of Taiz on Friday.

The Iran-backed Shia Islamists invaded the central Yemen city of Taiz on March 2015 and have since been strangling the city by barring the entry of essential humanitarian supplies causing people to die of epidemics and malnutrition.

The rebels have been deliberately murdering civilians en mass by continual heavy shelling of the city's densely populated neighborhoods and individually by sniper-shooting. Mostly and most frequently, the extremist marksmen target children.


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