Houthis publish photoshoped image of comrade allegedly slaughtered by pro-government forces

Houthis publish photoshoped image of comrade allegedly slaughtered by pro-government forces


Houthis have posted on social networking sites and online debate forums this week a fake story and photoshopped image to the effect that one of their militants was slaughtered in an ISIL-style way at the hands of pro-government tribesmen in Beidha.

The graphic photo was published on Facebook and Almajles al-Yemeni, an online debate forum, shows a masked man slaughtering another on a hill. The comments thereunder allege that the slaughterer was a pro-government fighter and the slaughtered a Houthi man.

Commentators rebuffed the image right away saying the photoshop designer who made up the photo did not put much effort into it "and so the signs of doctoring are obvious."

Mahmoud Mohammed a Yemeni activist said "like all Iranian-backed militias, Houthis have an irrational and vehement passion to associate their Sunni rivals (the majority of the world's Muslims) with terrorism and terror groups such as ISIL." "You can see that out of irrational hatred," he goes on, "they label every oppositionist of being an ISIL man."

Hosam Abdul-Wase'a, an activist, said: "In security checkpoints along the roads of north Yemen, they stop passengers and general masses and search their phones. If a material found in your smartphone only hints that you support the government, they label you as a an ISIL man right away. They throw you into jail indefinitely, where you will undergo torture until you lose mind or die of pain as has happened to many of their detainees!"

Ahmed al Awadhi, a university student, said: "Ironically, Houthis is a militia that is pursuing a maximalist end establishing a theocratic rule. They pursue this goal by sectarian bigotry and their holy war which they call as "Jihad" to sanctify their massacring of civilians. They have killed thousands of Yemenis by intentional indiscriminate shelling and landmines as they want to intimidate the nation into submission to their rule. Yet they are not designated as terrorists. Not only that. They also accuse the armed forces and pro-government supporters resisting their terrorism as terrorists!"

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