Yemen press cutting..

Yemen press cutting..

  1. A Houthi sniper shot dead Mohammed Moqbel Bahsoos a 14 year old child in Jameedah mountain in al-Qurayshiya district of the central province of Beidha on Thursday. #Source: Akhbar Taiz website.
  2. Houthis have failed to fire a ballistic missile from Sana'a toward Saudi Arabia and the missile fell in a Sana'a neighborhood. A huge explosion was herd. It was not known at the time of reporting if the accident incurred any casualties. Source: Several media.
  3. The mothers of forcibly disappeared people staged a protest rally before the Human Rights Ministry's office in Aden on Thursday. They demanded to know the whereabouts of their children and that their children be either brought courts or released. One of the elderly mothers lost her consciousness during the rally. In the past days the mothers held similar rallies in front of the Arab Coalition camp to demand their children's release. #Source: correspondent.

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