Hadi meets HRC experts, briefs them on Houthis abuses

Hadi meets HRC experts, briefs them on Houthis abuses

President Abd-Rabbu Mansour Hadi met in Riyadh on Monday the Human Rights Council's Eminent Experts on Yemen and recounted to them the Houthis' severe atrocities associated with their years long insurgency.

The experts delegation included Kamel Jendoubi, Charles Garraway Melissa Parke, and the representative of the OHCHR in Riyadh Farid Hamdan.

Hadi told them that the rebel militia is responsible for all what has happened in Yemen, for they abandoned the national dialogue, mounted a coup in 2014 and set off an insurgency that plunged Yemen in its current conflict.

In the course of their insurgency the Houthis committed serious violations against the unarmed civilians, Hadi told them.

He gave his directives to the government to facilitate the experts' mission as they examine the abuses and human rights situation.

The delegation showed interest to visit the war-torn and city of Taiz which Houthis have been besieging tightly and bombarding day and night since they invaded the city in March 2015.



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