Hundreds protest against Houthi genocidal war in Taiz

Hundreds protest against Houthi genocidal war in Taiz

Hundreds of young men and women took to the streets of Taiz, in southwestern Yemen, on Tuesday to protest against Houthis' years long genocidal campaign in Taiz.

The protesters including members of different political parties marched in the city's streets to demand the government to drive out the Shia Islamists terrorists from the perimeter of the city where they have been strangling the city with a tight siege of militant fighters and landmines since they invaded the city in March 2015.

"We call on the government to accomplish the city's liberation," read one of the banners. "The rebels have killed and maimed thousands of civilians including children, with sniper shooting and even with genocidal heavy shelling. The United Nations and western media play dumb toward what is happening and no one seems to care about Taiz," said Adel Qasim, a protester.

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