Yemenis remember turning-point massacre of 2011

Yemenis remember turning-point massacre of 2011

Yemeni activists are remembering the Friday of Dignity massacre of 18 March 2011; a turning point in the chain of events that have been unfolding to now.

On that day 45 peaceful Arab Spring protesters were shot dead in a rallying square in Sana'a by the forces of Ali Abdullah Saleh's regime.

The massacre was the most horrendous and one significant in the regime's series of brutal carnages that propelled its negotiated ouster at the end.

Facebooker Saif Ahmed says "Friday of Dignity ( 18 March) massacre was the crime that dislodged the regime, but sorrowfully the regime allied with the Houthi militants and came back to commit countless carnages; this devastating wars of theirs which is still going on."


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