Houthi massacres turn Taiz amusement place into cemetery

Houthi massacres turn Taiz amusement place into cemetery

Houthis massacres have turned the only amusement park north of the city of Taiz into a cemetery for the increasing victims most of whom are civilians the rebels killed over the past three years.

The Farm of Oseifirah used to be bristled with children and women at all times until 2015 when the Shia Islamists and the then fellow rebel forces of Ali Abdulah Saleh invaded Taiz and unleashed their genocidal shelling and killing in Yemen's third largest city.

Burhan Abdul Wahab, a city resident, said the Farm of Oseifirah "used to be a vent off for the city's people before it became a cemetery packed with civilians by Houthis heavy shelling and sniper shooting."

A girl who identified herself only by Asmahan said the she and her family "spent some of our sweetest holidays on this farm until it turned into a cemetery." "people used to visit this place for fun, and now it has become a place to weep and grieve."

It was in fact a crowded farm since Houthis had seized the city's biggest amusement park in al-Hawban and used it for military purposes.



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