Sixty-seven families lost their breadwinners in Taiz last month: NGO

Sixty-seven families lost their breadwinners in Taiz last month: NGO

As many as sixty seven families have lost their breadwinners in the war-torn Taiz province during February 2018, a local NGO has said a in newly issued report.

The Coalition for Humanitarian Relief said that 305 other persons in charge of providing to their families are now jobless because they were wounded beyond earning capacity in Houthi attacks during the same month. .

The Coalition documented the death of 15 children and 34 adult men, and  the injury of 26 children, eight women and 93 adult men as in the Shia Islamist rebels' bombardment of neighborhoods in downtown Taiz city.

The Coalition said the conflict also left 298 orphans in the province . It said that sixty five families were forced out of their houses in a number of Taiz rural districts; Taiziyah, Mawzi'a, Maqbanah and Saber al-Mawadem. Fifty three properties including houses were damaged in the Houthi shelling. The Coalition appealed to the international humanitarian organizations to assume their moral responsibility toward the suffering of Taiz population.

After overthrowing the government in Sana'a September 2014, the rebels started expanding southward and invaded Taiz in March 2015. They have since been besieging the city, cutting it off humanitarian supply, and killing civilians by continuous heavy shelling of the densely populated neighborhoods, planted landmines and by sniper shootings.


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