Arab Coalition destroys Houthi weapons in Beidha

Arab Coalition destroys Houthi weapons in Beidha


The Arab Coalition has destroyed weapons belonging to the Houthi militia through air strikes on a range of mountains of Nate'a and Malajem areas in the province of  Beidha in central Yemen. 

A military source told the state-run news agency Saba that the raids resulted in the destruction of weapons, ammunition and military vehicles.

Meanwhile a team from the Yemeni Red Crescent has come under attack by the Houthi rebel militiamen stationed in Jabal al-Hodeidah, west of Nat'a,

A local source said that the team came upon the request of the militiamen to recover more than 20 bodies of their comrades in the area. But the militiamen fired an artillery shell on their car rendering the team members injured and their car damaged.

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