Houthis hand out cooking gas vouchers for loyalists only

Houthis hand out cooking gas vouchers for loyalists only

As the shortage of cooking gas is squeezing the general public in the Houthi-held capital Sana'a, the rebel militiamen are handing out vouchers for a cylinder lot of gas only to their loyalists at the official price of YR 1500.

Sana'a is witnessing boiling sentiments and sporadic clashes between demonstrators and Houthi militants, as the militia-run black markets sell a cylinder for YR 8000 versus YR 1500 in the government-held Marib and other cities.

The long lines of people queuing up before gas stores with empty cylinders has become the most prominent feature of Sana'a streets.

The rebels' house-to-house delivery of low-price vouchers to loyalists especially those who belong to the Hashemite race under the cover of night in Sana'a has infuriated the public even further.

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