Familicide on the rise among newly radicalized Houthis

Familicide on the rise among newly radicalized Houthis


The incidents of newly indoctrinated Houthis militants killing one or multiple close family members upon completing radicalization courses is on the rise in the territories held by the Shia Islamist group.

A Houthi militiaman killed three men and one woman and injured three other men in Bilad Ataam district in the northern province of Raymah on Sunday, shortly after he returned from a sectarian radicalization course run by the rebel militia in the same province.

Local sources told the news website of Tihama province that Ahmed Ali Ali al-Azab killed and injured these persons as they finished the Noon Prayer in a local mosque and were returning to their houses.

He had asked them to chant the rebel militia's rallying cry "Death to America, Death to Israel …etc" but they refused to which he responded by massacring them.

Fellow villagers of al-Azab were horrified and spent a dreadful night in the day when the incident happened.

That familicide by a radical Houthi rebel was not the first and may not be the last.

A Houthi fighter shot dead his mother, brother, and sister mother in the village of Atf district of Sana'a province on June 2017, a day after his return from a battle front. He killed them for not showing interest in his ideological dogma instilled by the rebels.

He ended up killing himself.


Earlier (in September 2015) a Houthi militant stabbed his father and then shot a whole magazine of bullets on his body rendering him dead after a brief normal argument over why the son participated in armed conflict with the Houthi militia.


The are several more stories of Houthis killing their relatives just because they differed in religious belief and political opinion but these stories are only examples.


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