Army dismantles dozens of mines, improvised explosive devices

Army dismantles dozens of mines, improvised explosive devices

The armed forces announced that their engineering teams dismantled dozens of mines and improvised explosive devices that the Houthi coupist militia had planted in a number of areas of al-Boqaa in Saadah before their defeat there.

"The engineering teams in the brigade were able, yesterday, to remove about 150 landmines and improvised explosive devices planted by the Houthi militia in the area," the army's web site quoted the Information Officer of the 151st Infantry Brigade, Captain Bassam Yousif Saleh Mubarak, as stating.

Mubarak added that mines were extracted from the south of Abasa hill, close to the road between al-Boqaa market and Al-Yemeni land port.

He pointed out that these mines were anti-personnel and anti-vehicle.

He stressed that the engineering teams are working with every effort to continue the process of clearing vast swaths of land from mines in al-Boqaa.

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