Political parties condemn assassinations wave

Political parties condemn assassinations wave

The Yemeni political parties condemned in the strongest terms the assassination of Eideroos bin Sumait in Hadhramout on Friday and the previous assassinations and attacks on moderate Muslim preachers, journalists, activists and media organizations in the liberated provinces in south Yemen.

Their statement also condemned "the increasing violations against the freedom of the press, most recent of which was detention of the journalist Awad Kashmim and the threats poised to the journalist Fatahi Ben Lazraq and attacks on the headquarters of several media institutions."

The parties which issued the statement are:

The General People 's Congress

The Yemeni Congregation for Reform "Islah"

Yemen Socialist Party

Popular Nasserite Party

Yemeni Unionist Rally

Renaissance Movement for Peaceful Change

Justice and Construction Party

Al- Rashad party

Arab Baath Socialist Party

Peace and Development Party

Liberation Front Party

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