Yemeni journalists demand to have salaries paid

Yemeni journalists demand to have salaries paid

 Yemeni journalists working with the Yemeni News Agency (Saba) have appealed to the Yemeni government to release their salaries suspended by the Houthi Movement. 

The journalists demanded the government to immediately tackle their issues caused by the arbitrary actions made by the Houthi Movement that took over the institutions of Yemen including the headquarters of Saba in the capital Sana'a.  

Yemeni journalists are hardly suffering because they are being dismissed and pursued by forces of the Houthi Movement and ousted President Ali Abdullah Saleh.  

More than 40 journalists were fired from Saba and their names were published in the media outlets controlled by the Houthis and Saleh. 

In the current month, the Houthi Movement suspended the salaries of other journalists because of their positions rejecting the Houthi coup. 

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