Three Bedouins wounded by Houthi landmine in Aljawf

Three Bedouins wounded by Houthi landmine in Aljawf

Houthis seem to turned large swaths of Yemen's territory into death and injury zones for every moving animal. The landmines they planted in different provinces have several times killed and injured men and women, humans and animals. A landmine planted by the Shia Islamist rebels injured three traveling nomads in Sadaba of Aljawf province in northern Yemen.

Hassan Mohsen Saleh, his sister and elderly mother unknowingly stepped on a landmine and, as a result, were injured during a journey toward al-Hazm, the capital of the desert Aljawf province.

Earlier this same month, two women were killed and two others were injured with their donkey in Mallah to the west of the same province.

Stories of human and animal casualties as a result of Houthi landmines in north and south Yemen are rife. Government sources estimate the number of landmines the Iran-backed rebels planted to amount to quarter a million.

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