Al-Kholeidis flee death in Taiz only to face it in Aden

Al-Kholeidis flee death in Taiz only to face it in Aden

The family of Abdullah Ahmed al-Kholeidi fled death at the hands of Houthis in Taiz only to face it at the hands of ISIL in Aden.

A month ago, Al-Kholeidi, his wife and their young children ( two sons and one daughter) left their homecity of Taiz where Houthis continually massacre civilians with Katyucha rockets  and headed southward to the temporary capital Aden for a safe life. Ironically the whole family was killed at the hands of another terrorist group, ISIL.

When ISIL blew up two car bombs near a police camp in Aden on 24th February, the family (except the father) was whiling away its afternoon in the beach opposite the camp. Survivors eye witnessed one of al-Khuleidi's two daughters covered with blood but yelling "my brother is brother is dead." She was too conscious of her brother to think of her own injury.

She did not know that her mother and other sister were killed on the spot as well and that she, herself, would follow them the next day as a result of the injury she sustained.

Of the whole family, only the father is now alive. He said to have lost mind upon hearing the news of their death.

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