Islah party condemns Aden terror attack

Islah party condemns Aden terror attack

The Yemen Congregation for Reform (Islah) party has condemned the terror attacks that killed and wounded dozens of innocent people in the temporary capital Aden on Saturday. Terrorists in two car bombs struck a police camp in Gold Mohr area in al-Tawahi of Aden.

In a statement, the party affirmed its "rejection of terrorism" and "all forms of violence that belittle the value of (human) blood" as part of a wicked attempt to assail Aden's inherently peaceful and moderate character.

It called for "a national strategy to counter the scourge of terror."

The party warned of the continued looseness of security as a threat to the lives of the population and visitors of the capital. The party referred to the series of continual assassinations of army officers, politicians, moderate clerics and mosque preachers, court officials and members of the popular resistance who helped government drive out the Houthi insurgents in 2015.

"The impact of these terror crimes transcend the borders of the city to all the nation and threaten the whole region and world's interests in the Gulf of Aden," said the party.

It condoled the relatives of the terror bombings' victims wishing speedy recovery for the wounded.

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