Houthis use mental patients to torture prisoner

Houthis use mental patients to torture prisoner

In what seems to be a new method in their endless ways of torturing prisoners, Houhis have had mental patients beat one of their prisoners until he lost consciousness in Sana'a's main jail, sources that requested not to be identified said.  Mohammed Ali Abduh al-Bisbas, a man whom the Shia Islamist militia has been holding captive in the Central Security Jail, for years, was forcefully taken to the psychiatry of the jail where mental patients were allowed to assault him severely until his lost consciousness before the eyes of the Houthi jail supervisor Abdullah Mohammed al-Qatabiri.

Al-Bisbas was jailed more than one year ago when a Houthi checkpoint searched his phone and found material indicating his opposition to the militia.

Houthis use electrocution, sleep deprivation, mock execution, among a long list of pain infliction methods on their prisoners. Many journalist and activists have died of savage torture in the militia's jails over the past couple of years.

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