Yemeni, Jordanian journalists designate Houthis a terrorist movement

Yemeni, Jordanian journalists designate Houthis a terrorist movement

Journalists and activists from Yemen and Jordan have designated the Houthi rebel militia a terrorist organization.

The Development Media Association a Yemeni organization, is organizing a conference in Jordan's capital, Amman, where media and political activists from Yemen and Jordan and addressing the atrocities that the violent Shia Islamist militia has been committing over three years of devastating insurgency to prevent Yemen's democratic transformation and install their own theocratic dynastical rule.

The conference under the theme " The Houthi militia is a terrorist movement" is discussing the atrocities of the extremist insurgents against peaceful oppositionists and civilians including children and women.

 The Association's chairman Fuad al-Mansoori said during the inauguration of the conference that it is "intended to unveil the crimes the terrorist Houthi militia is committing to subjugate the society under its coercive ruthless reign and force the government to offer political concessions,"

Houthis radicalize young children and adults by imparting the values of holy war "Jihad" to make them fearless killers as they fight the government and prevent Yemen's democratic transformation.


The militia's modus operandi includes poisoning, brutal torture by various methods, mass shelling, city sieges and sniper shooting against civilians as part of collective punishment policies for communities that don't believe in their perverted form of Islam, especially their notion for government form.

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