PM says Houthi militia triggered chaos, obstructed state building

PM says Houthi militia triggered chaos, obstructed state building

Prime Minister Ahmed bin-Daghr said that the war waged by the Houthi militia against the state triggered chaos and obstructed the building of the state agreed on unanimously by the Yemenis during the comprehensive National Dialogue Conference 2013-2014.


In a meeting with the Charge d'Affaires Karen Sasahara at the US diplomatic mission for Yemen in Riyadh on Tuesday, he said:
"The legitimate government led by President of the Republic, Abd-Rabbu M. Hadi is working with all regional partners and friends in the international community very serious to accommodate all (interest) groups."

The prime minister stressed that the preservation of Yemen united is not only a local interest but also a regional and an international one.

He pointed out that the government took over the country less than two years ago at a time of absence of state institutions, lack of electricity, water and sanitation services and the accumulation of garbage in the streets.

"The conflict and its danger in Yemen lies in the fact that Iran has put its nose in Yemen, violating the international will in its provocative speeches, planning, arming and sending military experts to the Houthi militia."


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