Army unearths nearly 3000 Houthi landmines in Saadah

Army unearths nearly 3000 Houthi landmines in Saadah

Military sources said that experts in the armed forces have removed nearly 3000 landmines and explosive devices in Mandaba area in the Houthi stronghold province of Saadah.

The mines and UXOs were planted by the Iran-backed Islamist rebels in previous times when they felt they could no longer hold ground against the advancing army troopers.

The head of the engineering team in the Fifth Border Guards Brigade Lt. Sultan Shamsan told the Defense Ministry's news website  that the Houthi militia "planted such a large number mines and explosive devices within a small area estimated at 10 sq km in Mandaba."

Some of the landmines found were disguised in the form of stones, according to military sources.

Government officials estimate that the rebels have so far planted quarter a million landmines across the country.

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