Aden parties condemn assassination of Islah official

Aden parties condemn assassination of Islah official

The political parties in the interim capital Aden have condemned the assassination of a member of the Yemen Congregation for Reform "Islah" party, Shawqi Kamadi, by unknown gunmen in the city last week.

They demanded the government through its security authorities to take action to investigate and stop the wave of assassinations against religious scholars and social figures in the city.


Here is the parties' joint statement:

"The political parties and groups in the province of Aden have learnt about the martyrdom of Shawqi Kamadi who was assassinated at the hands of traitors and criminals yesterday morning at the District of Mualla in the city of Aden. We ask God Almighty to bless him with the mercy of His mercy and to make him dwell in paradise, and to impart his family, students and all his beloved with patience and comfort.


The political parties in the interim capital received the tragic story about this new assassination, the latest in a series of assassinations which Aden has been seeing for more than two years, targeting scholars, preachers, educators and social figures. The parties reiterates their condemnation of these criminal acts and demand the political leadership to intervene resolutely and  instruct the security and judicial authorities to carry out their duties in pursuing criminals, bringing them to fair trial and enforcing the rule of law.

We ask Allaah to protect Aden and its people and to accept the righteous martyrs and to make them dwell in paradise.






Issued by the political parties and groups in the interim capital Aden


February 14, 2018


The General People 's Congress


The Yemeni Congregation for Reform "Islah"


Yemen Socialist Party


Popular Nasserite Party


Yemeni Unionist Rally


Renaissance Movement for Peaceful Change


Justice and Construction Party


Al- Rashad party


Arab Baath Socialist Party

Peace and Development Party


Liberation Front Party



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