Houthis kill 4 year old girl and young man in Taiz

Houthis kill 4 year old girl and young man in Taiz

No day seems to pass without Houthis killing babies and adult civilians in Yemen's southwestern Taiz by sniper shooting or shelling Katyucha rockets or artillery fire on houses, playgrounds or even cars in their sight.

The Islamist rebels killed a 4 year old girl named Raghad Rashad Abdul-Salam Mohammed, a girl, and a man in his 20s named Mohammed Saeed Qayed Ahmed by firing artillery on a car carrying them and other civilian passengers in Mujalliya, east of Taiz, on Saturday 10th February.

The photos obtained by Yemen Shabab TV channel show the pictures of the dead bodies and cardboard labels of their names, ages, place and dates of death.   


The day before Houthis Thaabat neighborhood in eastern Taiz with mortar rounds killing an old woman and her grandson. The Iran-backed extremists besieging Taiz have been killing civilians since they invaded the city in 2015.

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