Yemen Press Cutting

Yemen Press Cutting






  1. Engineers from Yemen's armed forces and the Arab Coalitionblew up lastweek scores of landmines the Houthis had planted in the international waters off the coast of the Red Seaport city of Meedi in Hajjah, north of Yemen. #Source: Several media.

  2. Houthis have sentenced a woman by the name Asmaa al-Omeisi to death in Sana'a, prompting a nationwide anger at the rebel militia. The extremist militia accused Asmaa, 23, of spying for the Arab Coalition. She has been facing torture in Houthi jail for two months now, local sources say.

  3. Houthis blew up the house of Saeed Ahmed al-Haj a citizen in Dhira Ghobeir village in Saber al-Mawadem south of Taiz city, local sources told al-Mashehad news website. Shia extremists planted explosive devices in the corners of the house and detonated it. Houthis have been detonating the houses of oppositionists since they evolved to a violent religious group in 2004 and began fighting serial wars against the government.

  4. The Human Rights Information and Training Center, an NGO based in Taiz, said in a statement last week that the international community, on top of it the UN Security Council and the OHCHR, are blessing the systematic atrocities against Taiz by their silence for them. The statement said the Houthis invaded Taiz in 2015 and have since been killing and injuring people by heavy bombardment, sniper shooting, landmines and other means and have besieging the city but the international community turns a blind eye to that.



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