Health Minister: War damaged 45% of Yemen health facilities

Health Minister: War damaged 45% of Yemen health facilities

Minister of Public Health and Population Dr. Nasser Mohsen Baoum said that "the war damaged 45 percent of the country's health facilities, some totally and some partially.

In a statement quoted by the state news agency "Saba", he said that the government is working hard to improve health services, despite the difficulties arising from the rebel militia's "unjust war" against the country. .
"Health services in the government-recaptured provinces have improved significantly. In the capital Aden, the clinical accommodation capacity has increased from 250 beds to 1,300 beds," he said.

He said that the public and private hospitals in the government-held provinces have managed to treat more than 40,000 wounded" and that Saudi Arabia continues to even provide the necessary support for operating major hospitals in Houthi-held Saada and Hajja provinces.



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