PM says STC's rebellion was coup attempt

PM says STC's rebellion was coup attempt

Prime Minister Ahmed bin-Daghr said on Wednesday that the Southern Transitional Council's (STC) rebellion in the interim capital Aden was a coup attempt.


Separatists forces loyal to the STC briefly seized key public offices and inched close to overthrowing the government in Aden late last January but a mediation from the Arab Coalition led to their retreat and the government to restore control back again.


Addressing the Cabinet on Wednesday, bin-Daghr said the thwarted rebellion would have been no less than the coup of the Houthi militia controlling Sana'a.

He said that his government, "with the support from the Arab Coalition, prevented an all-out collapse of the state."


He called on Saudi Arabia and the rest of the Coalition members to investigate into that upheaval and into corruption, the pretext for which the rebellion was mounted.

He called on the STC to turn to a political party and strive politically to take power, if it wanted.


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