Houthi sniper kills female human rights activist in Taiz

Houthi sniper kills female human rights activist in Taiz

Houthis have killed a female human rights activist in Yemen's central city of Taiz, local sources told the media.

A sniper with the Shia Islamist insurgents who invaded the city in 2015 and have since been besieging it gunned down Reeham Al-Badr al-Dohbohani, 27, in Salah district east of Taiz on Thursday noon.

Reeham, a member of the monitoring team of the National Commission to Investigate Alleged Violations to Human Rights was killed with her colleague Moamin Saeed al-Sharaabi, when they were gathering testimonies from civilians about the militia's abuses.

The Houthi sniper showered them with heavy fire causing Moamin's head to detach off his body.

The National Commission has mourned Reeham in a statement, blaming the Houthi sniper and vowing to continue to investigate into abuses independently and regardless of who commits them. Prime Minister Ahmed bin-Daghr also sent condolences' to the relatives of Reeham and her colleague Moamin.

Houthi snipers have been laying a strangling blockade against Taiz have so far killed and maimed no less than hundreds of civilians and most of them happen to be unsuspecting pedestrians.

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