Veggies and fruits preservation: Marib's newest job generator

Veggies and fruits preservation: Marib's newest job generator

The Director General of the Agriculture Ministry's office in Marib Sayf al-Wals said on Sunday that a new central plant for the long term preservation of fruits and vegetables will be opened soon in Marib, the safe haven for Yemenis fleeing the radical Houthi militia's crackdown in the country's north. In addition to the well felt presence of the state in services, Marib is seeing a boom in investments that create livelihood opportunities for people. The mentioned plant is one example. According to al-Wals, the plant which will preserve fruits and vegetables for long periods to be sold locally and export outside will afford 185 jobs. The plant will operate "central fridges with 1250 tons total capacity." Machines will sort, clean, wax and envelop the fruits, vegetables and other sorts of frozen food set the stage for their exportation, he said.

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