Houthis cut off tongue of Sana'a woman: News website

Houthis cut off tongue of Sana'a woman: News website

Houthi militants have abducted a woman in Sana'a and cut her tongue out for no known reason, sources told a Yemeni news website. 

The sources told al-Asimah Online news site that the Shiah Islamist terrorists  got a woman out of her house by a sting operation before kidnapping her to an unknown location, severing her tongue and releasing her speechless in the capital city, last week.

The source identified the women only by her name's initials (Sh. S) for their own "security precautions."

The source said there was no known strong reason but that days prior her kidnapping and mutilation by the Houthis, Sh .S had invited the neighborhoods women to her house and asked them to keep supplicating to God to protect war-ravaged Yemen and save the people's blood.

The woman is now suffering deteriorated health condition and her neighbors and acquaintances have been terrorized by the Houthi act, according to the source.

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