Tortured by Houthis, abductee commits suicide

Tortured by Houthis, abductee commits suicide

A young man unable to bear torture by Houthis ended his life in the town of Radaa in Yemen's central al-Beidha province on Sunday, local sources told al-Mashehad news website.

The website published the story without the man's name attributing it to sources who sent the picture of the man.

The man, said to be a detainee for three years in a local prison run by the fundamental Shiit Islamist militia, was founded hanging dead. He reportedly hanged himself with a rope tied onto a wall in the jail.

"The abductee remained in the Houthi militia's jail for three years

without any charges against him. In addition he was subjected to physical and psychological torture," the sources told the website.


The Iran-backed extremists abandoned Yemen's historical national dialogue in 2013-2014 and overthrew the government to restore the pre-1962 theological reign of their ancestors. Ever since they have killed thousands of civilians including peaceful oppositionists by torture in jails.

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