Taiz IDPs cannot return home because of Houthi landmines, officials say

Taiz IDPs cannot return home because of Houthi landmines, officials say

The displaced population of al-Selw district in Yemen's central province of Taiz cannot return to their government-captured district because of large numbers of landmines and booby traps the Houthi militants had planted before withdrawing last week, local officials say.

In a statement to Sky News Arabic TV Channel broadcast on Saturday, Abduljalil al-Selwi the Director of al-Selw said "people cannot return home because of landmines. The houses are damaged because the Houthis damaged them or occupied and militarized them and booby trapped them (before leaving)."

Mohammed Asabiee the head of a team trying to clear the main roads from landmines said it would be difficult to demine the villages because there are too many landmines. "There are huge huge numbers of landmines. The Houthis planted them everywhere. ... They are in thousands," he said ruling out the return of the internally displaced population any time soon.

Houthis have displaced more families in Yemen's central city of Taiz at gun point this week, local sources said.

Meanwhile various sources have confirmed that the Houthis forced 400 families out of their villages in al-Someidid and Al-Adanah villages in Salah district, in Taiz, this week. The militia stormed the village and set many houses on fire and terrorized the residents with shooting to drive them out.  

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