Yemen Press Cutting

Yemen Press Cutting

  1. The Houthi radical rebel fighters have been forced to withdraw from Karesh town of the southern province of Lahj but left behind them a no less brutal war crime than the war itself; the planted hundreds of landmines in the villages and roads of the town which means the toll of civilian casualties in the future is guaranteed. The army's demining experts have so far unearthed 120 anti-personnel landmines, 270 anti-tank landmines, 57 bombs and 37 explosive belts. #Source Al-Omana news website.

  2. A female teacher was killed by a Houthi projectile attack in Yemen's central city of Taiz on Sunday,local sources told the media. The Houthi militia shelled neighborhoods in Hawdh al-Ashraf in downtown Taiz, one shell hit al-Ahlam School and killed Baghdad Hizam Naji, a 22 year old, female volunteer teacher. The Shiit Islamist extremists have been besieging Taiz for three years and killing civilians by sniper shootings, cutoff of medical provisions indispensable for human survival and by indiscriminate shelling of missiles and other projectiles into the densely populated city.

  3. A landmine planted by the Houthis killed a family consisting of a man, his wife and their son in Mokha in western Taiz on Saturday morning, local sources told Al-Mashhad website. The family was in the farm when one of them probably stepped on the landmine and it exploded and charred their bodies. The Shiit Islamist extremists who are rebelling against the government for three years have planted thousands of landmines in the western coastline cities and roughly quarter a million in the whole country, according to government sources.

  1. Lawyers and activists in Yemen launched a social media campaign in an effort to save the life of a 23-year-old woman sentenced to death by the Houthi rebels.


Asmaa Al Omaisi, a mother of two, was arrested along with her father and two other men on October 5, 2016 while travelling from Ibb governorate to the capital Sanaa, according to activists. Her father was later released.


She and two men were sentenced to death last week by the Iran-backed militia for allegedly spying for the Arab coalition. # Source: The National news website.

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