Govt says Aden witnessed failed coup attempt

Govt says Aden witnessed failed coup attempt

Yemen's government  said the temporary capital Aden Aden "witnessed in the past few days a failed coup attempt against the government."

In a statement issued by the Foreign Ministry on Thursday on the separatists' violent attack and seizing of key government offices and military camps by Tuesday, the government said the rebellion was perpetrated by "the militia of the Southern Transitional Council", a separatist paramilitary force.

The government accused the militia of causing the deaths and injuries of dozens of people including presidential guards and accused it of massive ransacking and vandalism.  

The statement read: "The Republic of Yemen considers the coup attempt committed by the rebels in Aden, the continuous acts to undermine and impede the work of the legitimate government, and forming armed militia outside the command of Yemen Armed Forces, a blatant violation to UNSC Resolution no. 2216 (2015). Such acts threaten the security of the region, violate the principal goal for which the Coalition to Restore Legitimacy was established ..."

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