Houthis displace more families in Taiz

Houthis displace more families in Taiz

Houthis have displaced more families in Yemen's central city of Taiz at gun point this week, local sources said.

The sources said on Friday that the Iran-backed extremist rebel militia "stormed Al-Adanah Village in Salah district, east of the city, shooting fire to terrorize the residents. Then they forced all the families there under the threat of weapons to move" to the other side of the town, Al-Jahmaliah, a neighborhood which itself is in ruins because of previous fighting.

The militia has displaced thousands of people in Taiz and booby-trapped their houses and planted landmines in villages to prevent their return. In the past two months dozens of families have been forced by the militia out of their villages in the district of Jabal Habashi.

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