Aljawf: Rebel officers switch to government's side

Aljawf: Rebel officers switch to government's side

The Security Director of Bart al-Anan district in Aljawf province Hadi Daaqan  and dozens of soldiers broke ranks with Houthi rebels to the side of the government forces.

The former rebels declared their support for the army in purging the rest of the eastern province from the Iran-backed Houthi rebels.

The Acting Commander of the Sixth Military Region Brigadier General Mansour Thawaba welcomed Daaqan and his soldiers into the army forces. He called on all former soldiers still in the ranks of the Houthi guarilla to defect to spare the nation further destruction and bloodshed.

For his part, Daaqan said that during the past period he and his soldiers had not been convinced of the Houthis' bigotry and brutally violent approach.


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