Iran-backed Houthis cheer for Aden coup attempt

Iran-backed Houthis cheer for Aden coup attempt

The Houthi rebel militia who has been battling Yemen's government of President Abd-Rabbu Mansour Hadi has cheered for Sunday's attempt by soldiers loyalist to ex-governor Aideroos Al-Zabeedi's Southern Transitional Council to overthrow that government.

The militia's spokesman Mohammed Abdusalam told the Russian Sputnik News Service that his Houthis are "following up closely on the developments in Aden and supporting the attitudes of the Transitional Council."

"The Southerners should rise against the government of the fugitive Hadi," he said.

"We share our southern brothers the rejection of Hadi's government and we will see to contact the Transitional Council in case they manage to expel Hadi. We have previous good relations with a number of figures in the south including Aideroos Al-Zabeedi. "


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