Yemeni army says will break Houthi siege around Taiz

Yemeni army says will break Houthi siege around Taiz


Yemen's army has announced that it will keep pushing the Houthis until breaking the siege and fully liberating the country's third largest province, Taiz.

In a statement on Saturday , the army that with backing from th Arab Coalition it is determined "purge this province from the Iran affiliated militia."

Clashes are going on in the northern and eastern front of the city and the army attributes the slow advance to its keenness on avoiding civilian casualties contrary to the militia which uses the scorched earth tactic in fighting.

The Shiit Islamist militia has been laying siege around the city and killing civilians by shelling rockets into the city's densely populated neighborhoods and by sniper shootings for almost three years now. The siege also cuts off humanitarian supply and commercial goods from moving in and out of the city plunging it in its worst humanitarian and health suffering.


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