Yemen Press Cutting

Yemen Press Cutting

  1. Houthis have issued a summon to elderly rival cleric to attend a Sana'a court to face charges of evadingZakat (obligatory Islamic alms), local sources said this week. Mohammed bin Ismail al-Amrani who is coming up to 100 years in age is a famous cleric from the mainstream Sunni Islam and Houthis belong to a perverted and radical version of Zaydi Shiite Islam that does not tolerate dissent. His relatives were shocked at the summon to him to come to court saying he has lived all his life a poor man owning no wealth. #Source: Several media

  2. The Presidential Guards have taken a quick control over the sites of the southern separatists who sparked clashes with government forces in the temporary capital Aden on Sunday. The presidential guards who were deployed across the city seem to have seized much of the secessionists' sites. The clashes had erupted earlier in the day and the Prime Minister issued directives to Aden's top security officials to "ensure a an immediate ceasefire and make sure that all forces return to their barracks and unconditionally evacuate the sites they had seized. #Source: Several media.

  1. The Houthi rebel militia committed 17,572 human rights abuses against the civilians in Raymah province in Yemen's west during 2017.Raymah Media Center said that the abuses included killings, abductions, forced disappearances, tortures, dismissal from jobs, demolishing of properties by bombing them, child fighter recruitments among myriad abuses. #Source Al Sahwanews website.




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