Political parties call for merging rival militaries in temporary capital

Political parties call for merging rival militaries in temporary capital

Yemen's major political parties have called for the rival military units to be merged under one command as separatists long threatening to topple the government begun on Sunday to realize that militarily.

Forces loyal to the Southern Separatist Council attacked and seized some government buildings as a deadline they set last week for the country's President to dismiss the "corrupt" government of bin Daghr expired.  At least ten people were killed and dozens of others were injured in the clashes, a development prompting statements of "rejection" from the Cabinet, the Local Authority of Aden and the country's biggest nine political parties.

The parties, which included a pro-Hadi southern faction (the Southern Movement), said in their statement, later on Sunday, the day of the unrest, called on the Arab Coalition to support "the political leadership of President Abd-Rabbu Manosur Had and the government to reinforce the state institutions and merge the security units in Aden under one united command."

The parties warned that Sunday's unrest "plays into the Iranian agenda" which the Arab Coalition spent years of war effort to counter in the battle against Houthis in Yemen's north.

The parties said they understand all the issues and drivers of conflict in the country but they can all be resolved by a state that implements the outcomes of the National Dialogue of 2013-2014.

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