Houthi snipers kill woman in Taiz

Houthi snipers kill woman in Taiz صورة إرشيفية

Houthi shot dead a woman in Taiz on Friday evening, the latest in hundreds of victims of sniper shootings in Yemen's central city.

Houthi snipers stationed in al-Khalwa hilltop military site in al-Dhabab fired a shot at Noriyah Abduljabbar Abdullah while she was in her house balcony late at night.

The bullet smashed the right part of her head and snuffed her out immediately. Her daughters Sausan, 10, and Manal, 8, kept crying by the side of their mother's body and shouting for help for the rest of the night but probably no one heard them, because their house is apart from the rest of the village houses.

Only in the morning did Sausan dare to go to the village houses and tell what happened. The villagers managed to get Nooriya's dead body out of the house for burial after hesitating for a while because the Islamist rebels on the hilltop seldom spare any person in sight to move without shooting them.

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